Jasmine and Will's founder on how to choose your wedding night sleepwear

Jasmine and Will's founder on how to choose your wedding night sleepwear (Photo:www.marieaustralia.com/orange-formal-dresses)

Sleep chic on your big day.

Jasmine and Will’s founder, Jasmine Lindsay, launched the luxury sleepwear brand at the end of 2015, and has been offering a stylish alternative to the average pyjamas ever since. From monogrammed boyfriend shirts to striped full-length pyjama sets, the brand offers a complete range of 100% cotton loungewear and you’ll want to own every piece. The brand also offers a range of clever wedding packages for the bride-to-be, so Vogue spoke to founder Jasmine Lindsay about how to choose your wedding night sleep wear.

When and how did you come up with the idea for Jasmine and Will?

“I've always loved a classic pyjama and felt there was a huge gap in the market for it, particularly here in Australia. For every other classic product there was a go-to brand, and yet when people wanted to buy pyjamas there was not one brand that stood out. That’s what we set out to achieve with Jasmine and Will –longevity and timeless appeal.”

How did your wedding packages come about?

“It was really an organic extension into the wedding market for us. We noticed a lot of brides ordering pyjamas for their wedding day so we started asking them exactly what they wanted and then tailored our wedding packages to exactly that. It simplifies bridesmaid gifting and adds a personalised touch for the big day.”

What does luxury bring to a bride's big day?

“Our personalised sleepwear makes a thoughtful gift while doubling as a little fun for your bridesmaids or even the bride and groom! Lots of brides opt for their married initials so that they wake up with their new name!

We keep our cuts and colours very simple and classic with a focus on quality because we found the biggest gap in the wedding market was for understated loungewear with classic appeal. We want brides to look back at wedding photos and still love what they wore the morning of.”

What is the most popular style? How and what should brides choose?

“Our boyfriend shirt is really popular as its one size, which makes gifting your bridesmaids stress free. The robes are definitely becoming more popular as bold monogramming across the back is having a fashion moment. As we approach winter we start seeing brides purchase the classic long pyjama sets in favor of the shirts.”

Can you tell me some of the interesting ways your customers use the packages?

“We often have brides gift personalised pyjamas with a card asking their bridesmaids to be part of the wedding party! It’s such a great idea and something the bridesmaids cannot only wear on the big day but also after.”Read more at:http://www.marieaustralia.com/princess-formal-dresses

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